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Khmer groups congratulated on New Year festival
Top officials of the Steering Committee for the Southwestern Region on April 7 congratulated and presented gifts to Khmer Buddhist followers in the southern city of Can Tho as their traditional New Year festival, Chol Chnam Thmay.
Vietnam as the host for the 3rd Southeast Asian Karatedo Championship
Can Tho City will be the place to host the 3rd Southeast Asian karatedo championship, which occurs from April 12-18.
Tai Tu Music Club of Can Tho University Debuted
Tai Tu Music Club of Can Tho University debuted at the Great Hall of the university in the evening of March 30th, 2014. This performance was a great effort of the university in helping the youth to preserve and foster the national cultural values.
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Visiting Can Tho  
Various Snacks at Ninh Kieu Quay
Typical feature in a morning in Can Tho City is the floating market session where the busy life on the river can be clearly seen via the hurly-burly trade of various fruit from the South West orchards. The afternoon is your time to go for a walk watching the sunset and enjoying a lot of delicious food sold along the street.
Can Tho City’s Nice Dish: Ba Khía Rang Me (Freshwater Crabs Cooked with Tamarind Sauce)
If you have an opportunity to visit Can Tho City, you should save time to go Dinh Tien Hoang Street, Thoi Binh Ward, Ninh Kieu District to enjoy many unique delicacies from Ba Khia cooked in various ways such as boiling, frying, steaming… This street is also called "Ba Khia Street" by the locals!
Mit Nai in Can Tho is worth an exploration
Mit Nai-Dan Tien area in Can Tho City includes many historical and cultural relics such as Mit Nai Market, Dan Tien Pagoda and Thay Cau Garden.
People’s Committee of Can Tho City
People’s Committee of Can Tho City, which is elected by People’s Council, is the executive body of People’s Council, the administrative body of the State in localities, being responsible to People’s Council at the same level and higher authorities.
Invest in Can Tho City  
CanTho: Regulations on Investment Support
Besides current State’s policies on creating favorable conditions for domestic and foreign investment in Can Tho City, its People’s Committee has issued the regulations on investment support applicable to all investors in the city area.
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