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Upgrades give modernity to Can Tho pediatrics hospital
The pediatrics hospital of Can Tho city has become the most modern of its kind in the Mekong Delta after its upgraded facilities were inaugurated on April 25.
Southern cake festival underway in Can Tho
The fifth southern traditional cake festival, themed “Southern specialties toward integration”, began in the Mekong Delta city of Can Tho on April 16.
FDI projects on rise in Can Tho
Can Tho last month issued a licence to the Republic of Korea’s Tae Kwang Vina Industrial for setting up a shoe production plant in its 2B Hung Phu Industrial Park.
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Visiting Can Tho  
Foreign tourists prefer cocoa wine brewed by farmer in the West
Thanks to the advice and support of specialists from Nong Lam University- Ho Chi Minh City, Mr. Muoi - a farmer in Can Tho has brewed cocoa wine successfully from cocoa pulp (expertal part of the cocoa beans). The product is currently preferred by foreign tourists.
Some highlights of the culinary culture of Can Tho
The ecological characteristics of Can Tho are quite similar to other provinces of the Mekong Delta so basically food and dishes in Can Tho are also similar to other regions’ food. Cooked ordinary rice is the major food and dishes are fish, meat ... processed by grilling, frying, steaming, stirring, braising... In addition, eels, frogs, turtles, snakes, birds ... are plenty and easy to be found that contribute to enrich the meals of Can Tho people. It can be said that, a meal of Can Tho people consists of rice + vegetables + fish + meat. Depending on customs of each local and the situation of each family that the materials could be varied. However, previously, Can Tho people, especially in rural areas used to have the habit of prioritizing the meal of rice + vegetable + fish. Meat was secondary because this was luxurious item that was only served in holidays, but rivers were full of fish, just needed to catch for their meal.
Shredded chicken with pomelo
The Mekong Delta is endowed by nature with lots of delicious fresh produces. Taking advantage of those ingredients, the chef can cook rustic delicacies. Shredded chicken with pomelo is one of the attractions. This dish is considered an improved version of the milling shredded chicken, with a little more creative when combine available fruits in your garden to change the taste without losing the flavor.
People’s Committee of Can Tho City
People’s Committee of Can Tho City, which is elected by People’s Council, is the executive body of People’s Council, the administrative body of the State in localities, being responsible to People’s Council at the same level and higher authorities.
Invest in Can Tho City  
Can Tho promotes economic cooperation with RoK
The Republic of Korea (RoK) wishes to cooperate with Can Tho city in infrastructure development and science technology application into high-tech industry, said Kim Kyong Soo, Vice Chairman of the Korea Display Industry Association.
CanTho: Regulations on Investment Support
Besides current State’s policies on creating favorable conditions for domestic and foreign investment in Can Tho City, its People’s Committee has issued the regulations on investment support applicable to all investors in the city area.
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